[jdev] a vision

Xavier Maillard xma at gnu.org
Wed Mar 11 18:25:25 CDT 2009


   On 3/10/09 5:24 PM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

   >    1. A clean and simple website with minimal text that will help end
   > users get started with Jabber.
   >    2. Web chat for a real-time window into one end-user chatroom and one
   > developer chatroom (and perhaps one additional room, such as a
   > language-specific or country-specific room).
   >    3. Internationalized versions of everything so that volunteers around
   > the world can run sites like de.jabber.org (Germany) and pt.jabber.org
   > (Portugal).
   >    4. Extension of this international model to XMPP services, so that we
   > can run SOCKS5 data proxies for file transfer and TURN media relays for
   > voice+video all over the world (we'll need to convince companies and
   > ISPs and non-profit organizations that this is in their interest, since
   > they are the people with the bandwidth).

   To make this happen, I think we need the following:

   8. Perhaps centralized registration at jabber.org, which you can then
   use to connect to any local xmpp service (pt.jabber.org or whatever).

I really like this idea !

As we are speaking XMPP, why not use (or even abuse) pubsub stuff
when something is published onto the website ? We could easily
imagine a dual publishing flow: one for the old HTTP and one
dedicated for the bright new XMPP ? This way we could both
satisfy users like me and we could also demo that PubSub *is
really a damn killer feature*.


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