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Jonathan Schleifer js-jdev at webkeks.org
Thu Mar 12 10:00:52 CDT 2009

Am 11.03.2009 um 19:43 schrieb Dirk Meyer:

> Right. It is all about marketing. It would help (not for my sister) if
> we easy MSN/AIM/ICQ integration (gateway) in the servers and an EASY  
> way
> to provide the credentials. That makes switching painless for  
> everything
> except Skype ("You can still talk to your friends").

Heh, that's what I've been suggesting for years.

> Take a look at the Skype website: it is presented in German for me (I
> giess based on the IP address), a big photo (makes no sense, but it
> looks like web 2.0), and a button "download". I guess that is what we
> need. The download would be a problem:

Yup, that's the way to go - and how many clients websites are actually  

> 1. Do not let the user choose between x clients. Jabber.org should  
> have
>   one default client for Windows/MAC users (Linux users are grown up,
>   they already know how to choose stuff).

That's quite a problem. It would be unfair to make one client the  
official client. It would get more attention than all other clients,  
thus more deveopers etc. It would hurt the other clients.

But there _IS_ one solution: Do it like GTalk. Promote your client,  
not XMPP. You can say it's compatible with Jabber, that's enough. Or  
tell something like "Supports the Jabber Network". But the people will  
be refering to it with the client name.

Actually, I could convince quite a few non-geeks to try Gajim - nobody  
of them spoke about Jabber, they always talked about Gajim. Like "See  
you in Gajim this afternoon!".

> 2. The client must have Jingle support incl. Video

I _TOTALLY_ agree! This was one of the most requested features when I  
conviced some non-geeks to try Gajim!

> 3. Userfriendly setup. E.g. a wizzard asking me if I already have an
>   account or if one should be created. It has to include a list of  
>   servers for the user to choose. The list should be short.

The Gajim wizward was - besides being asked for a server - fine. I  
just told them before they installed it that when they were asked for  
a server, they should just type "webkeks.org" there. That worked for  
them. But of course, this only works when some geek recommends it to  

Solution here that eliminates the problem, but not choice? Have a  
dropdown list like Gajim has in that you can also type, but have  
jabber.org or your client's server (e.g. gajim.org) inserted there by  

Why I know this won't confuse users? It's the same like if you  
register an e-mail adress at a provider which has multiple domains. Of  
course, if you have a form like this, it _WILL_ be confusing:

Username: [        ]
Server:   [     ][v]
Password: [        ]

([ ] is a text entry, [v] is the button of a combobox)

But if you do it like this, the user won't be confused:

ID:       [     ]@[   ][v]
Password: [              ]

(The @ here is a label which is shown between the two text entrys).

(@Asterix, would you mind if we change it like this in Gajim?)

> 4. The client must be able to auto-update itself. Users do not check  
> for
>   new versions, the software has to do that.

Definitely! They always had old versions of Gajim and when I told them  
to get the new one, they often had 2 installations on their machine  
and it was random which they used.

Don't forgot to offer adding the client to the autostart on  
installation like we do in Gajim ;).


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