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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Thu Mar 12 11:50:36 CDT 2009

On Thu Mar 12 16:35:56 2009, Jonathan Schleifer wrote:
> It's not. An open source client can be developed by everybody.   
> Everybody can participate, write patches, etc. If it's the official  
>  client, everybody will focus on that.
Well, I'm certainly not denying that any officially selected client  
would have a massive advantage, but I think all clients would benefit  
from attempting to be the chosen one, and as long as we were careful  
about reselecting the client on a regular basis for each platform, I  
think that wouldn't end with one client being selected.

> jabber.org is just a server. It's run by the XSF. Not everybody can  
>  administrate it and thus abandon other servers. Sure, one could   
> develop for ejabberd and hope jabber.org will be updated to the  
> latest  rev. But it's still different, as ejabberd isn't the  
> official server  software.
Ah, but ejabberd certainly derives a massive advantage by running the  
jabber.org service. You can't quite describe it as the official  
server, but you could quite easily describe it as the server chosen  
to run the flagship Jabber service sponsored by the XSF, or in any  
other number of quite accurate, and highly flattering, terms.

> PS: Please don't CC me, I'm on the list - I have to be on the list,  
>  otherwise I can't write.

Yes, but my client ignores mailing list managers which (erroneously)  
fiddle with the Reply-To header, so unless I remember (or change the  
default reply type for the list),  it decides to reply to the sender,  
and copy the list.

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