[jdev] MXM agenda

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Mar 12 14:00:46 CDT 2009

Here is a rough agenda for today's Monthly XMPP Meeting.

Time: 20:00 UTC (1 hour from now)
Length: 1 hour
Place: jdev at conference.jabber.org
Theme: Why I Hate XMPP / What Do We Need to Fix?

0. Ground Rules

1. Divide up the topics. I suggest: Community, Roadmap, Fundamentals

2. Community

2.1 Health of projects (servers, clients, libraries)
2.2 Need core language support in Python, Java, etc.?
2.3 Need easy-to-use frameworks a la Django or Rails?
2.4 Interoperability (running code vs. formal testing)
2.5 Network issues / attacks / reporting
2.6 XSF improvements?
2.7 Other issues?

3. Roadmap <http://xmpp.org/xsf/roadmap.shtml>

3.1 Jingle
3.2 RFC revisions / XMPP BOF
3.3 End-to-end encryption
3.4 Mobile optimizations / reliability (XEPs 198 / 237 / etc.)
3.5 Spam / phishing / abuse (see also 2.4 above)
3.6 Force encryption on the network?
3.7 File transfer
3.8 Other priorities?

4. Fundamentals

4.1 Get rid of stream restarts?
4.2 Full namespace support
4.3 Define framing for XML streams
4.4 Get rid of streams entirely?
4.5 XMPP 2.0?

That's plenty to discuss. We'll never get through it all, which is why I
put the fundamentals at the end. :P

Based on our discussions today we'll try to focus future meetings on
more precise topics.


Peter Saint-Andre

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