[jdev] jabber disk ?

Xavier Maillard xma at gnu.org
Sun Mar 22 18:25:16 CDT 2009


I am writting a text editor with the aim to publish
notes/articles/whatever over XMPP. I have all the basic editor
stuff working and now has come the time to choose how to
effectively "publish" these texts.

My goal behind this, is to have access to my notes anywhere at
anytime. I am not sure what the best method I should choose to
store all this stuff. I know there were tries to have webdav over
XMPP, I know there is pubsub (which has my preference)  and
lately I felt upon something called "jabdisk". I am looking for
information about the later.

OTOH, if you have any idea on a global storage strategy for my
client, feel free to share them :)

My main interest in writing this software is to be able to run a
"jabber site" (aka a website) totally via XMPP and particulary a
"XMPP wiki".



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