[jdev] Can I define a content-type for messages?

jtnews at mail2004.dnsalias.org jtnews at mail2004.dnsalias.org
Mon Mar 23 07:56:47 CDT 2009


I'm developing  jabber-based software for several years now but but I
don't have much in-depth knowledge about the protocol, yet.

I want to send messages which have a body, a thread-id and a content-type. 
Currently, I ignore the content-type in my prototype but that is not very 
elegant. Is a content type for messages already supported or can I easily 
derive such a message type?

How does jabber handle multiple logins? I thought it is possible to log-in 
twice as long as the resource is different - is that correct? How do current 
chat clients handle multiple resources? If I have a chat-client and my 
"jabber-bot" running with the same UID, can I prevent that friends 
accidentally send messages 
to the bot?

I'm using the SMACK Api for Java in case that matters.



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