[jdev] Can I define a content-type for messages?

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Mon Mar 23 08:05:02 CDT 2009

> Currently, I ignore the content-type in my prototype but that is not very
> elegant. Is a content type for messages already supported or can I easily
> derive such a message type?

What types of content are you sending? Messages currently only have
plain text bodies, and XHTML-IM bodies. If you want to add custom
payloads to messages, you can define your own element in your own
namespace to wrap the data in.

> How does jabber handle multiple logins? I thought it is possible to log-in
> twice as long as the resource is different - is that correct?


> How do current chat clients handle multiple resources? If I have a chat-client and my
> "jabber-bot" running with the same UID, can I prevent that friends
> accidentally send messages to the bot?

Clients typically send messages to the 'bare' JID (without a
resource). The server will then typically route this to the resource
with the highest priority. To avoid receiving messages in a bot, use a
negative priority in the presence of the bot. Servers will not route
messages to resources with negative priority (unless the client
explicitly asks to deliver the message to that specific resource).


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