[jdev] [ANN] Mu-conference 0.8 is released !

Grégoire Menuel gregoire.menuel at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 16:28:11 CDT 2009

After almost two years since the last release of mu-conference, here comes the 
new version. 

For those who don't know mu-conference, it is a XEP-0045 (Multi-Users Chat) 
component which can be used with any server. The implementation try to be as 
XEP-0045 compliant as possible.

This is mostly a bugfix version, a lot of bugs could cause mu-conference to 
crash. It also fixes two vulnerabilities in the mysql module. If your using 
this module, please update to this new version.

On a side note, i'd really like to thank Mark Doliner for all the patches he 
send for mu-conference.

Enjoy the release.

Download mu-conference :

The changelog (not exhaustive):
* Optimization: A bunch of patches by M. Doliner (see svn log for more 
* Feature: Allow the service admin to see the occupants of every rooms
* Feature: Allow the service admin to enter a room with nicknames locked even 
if his nickname isn't the one needed
* Feature: option to disable room logging on the whole component
* Feature: option to save room log files in subdirectories according to date
* Feature: Patch by Smoku to hide empty rooms from disco/browse lists
* Bugfix: Two vulnerabilities in mysql module
* Bugfix: send code=110 when needed according to XEP-0045
* Bugfix: Fix crash when changing roles (M. Doliner)
* Bugfix: Fixed a bug when entering/leaving a room, it was considered as a 
nick change
* Bugfix: Corrected the errors sent by mu-conference
* Bugfix: Better error code when choosing a nick not conform with the room 
* Bugfix: Fixed a segfault in the decline messages handler
* Bugfix: Minors memleak fixed by M. Doliner (#11300 and #10862)
* Bugfix: Avoid a segfault when asking unique room name with a too big user 
* Bugfix: going in an infinite loop if the user invite the jid ""
* Bugfix: Changed error handling
   - Don't kick a user if the message error is not delivery-related, otherwise 
user could be kicked when refusing a file transfer for example                             
   - If the user is not kicked, don't discard the error, send it to the other 
* Bugfix: Hide XEP-0203 delay nodes when sending back presences stanzas 
(#12592, patch by Garrett Kuchta)
* Bugfix: Fix a segfault with badly formed packets
* Bugfix: Corrected a bug which allowed to have html in nickname in the logs 
(A. Verrier)
Grégoire Menuel
xmpp:omega at im.apinc.org
GPG: 1024D/D3BF3B20

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