[jdev] update on XMPP location (wherein beer is offered)

Stephen Pendleton pendleto at movsoftware.com
Sun Mar 29 14:56:01 CDT 2009

I like this a lot. How does the "nearby" query work? Does it returned
bookmarked places that are owned by the submitting jid, or any bookmarked
place nearby? What is "cellpatternquality" mean?

Also, how does the component push my location to my PEP node if I am on
another server? Would this be allowed by XMPP servers? I would be interested
in seeing these stanzas though to test it out.
There is another application we are working on that involves XEP-0255. It
currently supports what you are calling "beacon logs" stanzas to return back
postal addresses. The system uses a combination of wifi access points/mobile
towers to pinpoint your position and return back a lat/lon. It is very
accurate in a populated area.

For example you can see my location track here:

That track was produced by a mobile phone that does not have GPS

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A quick heads up on the state of XMPP location from Buddycloud Towers.

The Buddycloud Social-Location-Server is now accepting XEP-0255 formatted
location queries from *any* external JID.

The server is and XMPP component addressable at butler.buddycloud.com. It
listens for XEP-0255 formatted query stanzas and replies with your location
and if you are near one of your defined places, your place name (Home, Work,
My Castle). It also pushes your location and place details to your PEP
geoloc node so that your friends know where you are. (We are keen to have
publishing to external pub-sub working when we have a free

Looking beyond the XEP-0255 standard (just defines querying location using
wifi, cell towers and bluetooth), we are keen to standardise some of the
other stanzas associated with place management and querying for nearby
objects such as people, places or media.  If you would like to work together
on this, please get in touch. Additionally we are working with the OSLO
group to address sharing location between companies.

To give you an idea how XMPP location stuff works in the wild, I've put
together a stanza capture of Kirk's (also lurking on these lists) journey to
work. The stanza are visible in their full glory here:

And now for the beer part.

It's springtime in Munich and the beergardens are opening. A XMPP nearby
query will show you placemarks in the vicinity.  So, to test external JIDs
work and make things a little more interesting, I'm offering a cold Maß of
beer to the first person to reply with the correct beergarden for the beer
to redeemed at. In order to calculate this you will need to sequentially
query (3 separate stanzas) the following three cell tower identifiers, run a
nearby query and a place details query:


(flights to Munich not included)


Simon Tennant
uk: +44 20 7043 6756               de: +49 89 420 955 854  
uk: +44 78 5335 6047               de: +49 17 8545 0880	
email and xmpp: simon at buddycloud.com

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