[jdev] PubSub administration example [Celebrating the 30th subscriber of bbc_news :-) ]

Tuomas Koski koski.tuomas at gmail.com
Fri May 8 16:52:09 CDT 2009


Since there is now 30 subscribers in the bbc-news -service
and almost beating Facebook in popularity, I thought why not to do a
simple administration tool to manage PubSub subscriptions and create
other similar services.

This tool is done very fast and in the beginning it was ment to serve
one purpose only. So don't complain too much :-D I have also only
tested Firefox 3.1b3. IMPORTANT: IE WILL NOT WORK since the use of
getElementsByTagNameNS -javascript DOM function.

If you have read this far, Please find the tool here:

With this very simple tool you can:
    * Create/delete/View -PubSub Nodes
    * Create/delete/view -PubSub Items
    * Delete/view subscriptions of Nodes

When you access the service, it logs in automatically as a predefined
test user who has all the rights to create/delete/view PubSub nodes
and create items in them. So be free to create your own node and
publish items in it using the tool provided. Specially new users who
are interested of PubSub and want to know more of it, good option is
to install Psi, enable it's XML console and subscribe to a node
created and see what's going on. (Keep in mind that the server is
Openfire 3.6.4 so it might have it's own special behavior for some

I understand that with this tool it's really easy for anyone to crash
and miss-use my system, please don't do it. The reason why I'm
"releasing it" on my server is to get people using a little bit more
PubSub in every day apps and solutions.

So log in and be free to test try everything you can! I hope it will
get at least some one interested of PubSub and all the possibilities
it holds!

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