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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed May 13 05:07:42 CDT 2009


There's been, for a few weeks now, a discussion in the IETF about  
providing a good framework for IETF meetings - mostly "interim"  
meetings, which are meetings of around 30 people.

The idea is to find product and/or technology to do these effectively.

This is *not* a new protocol development team, this is purely  
infrastructure, but I'm sending this to Standards@ as well as jdev@  
to get a better audience - if the vMeet people were given the  
suggestion of "download FooClient" this would be a fine response, and  
actually preferable to "Implement XEP-9945". Still, I'd prefer,  
personally, to have some open standards, as well as implementation.

The IETF has, for some time, used XEP-0045 to handle the text-based  
conferencing. The interesting question to me is whether we could get  
a few additional features relatively easily deployed in support of  
what they need.

It looks like:

1) Multiway VOIP (with mixers).

2) Floor control, of some form. (Probably only affecting VOIP). This  
is basically to emulate the "queue at the microphone", and the  
concept of a "chair" (ie, "chairman") and various "presenters", in  

3) Slide sharing. I'm actually seriously thinking that what they need  
is the simple ability to have a file sharing thing going on, then say  
what page of the PDF is "currently shown".

4) Whiteboarding. Although it pains me to even mention the word,  
given what seems to happen every time the subject is raised.

Does anyone have anything that does all this already?

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