[jdev] SCRAM-SHA-1 interop testing for XMPP

Tobias Markmann tmarkmann at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 18 17:23:16 CST 2009


During the last couple of days I got my SCRAM implementation working,
written in Lua as part of my SASL library. I've done some interoperability
testing with Paul Aurich who implemented client side SCRAM for libpurple and
we could eliminate a couple of bugs on either side. Yay.

So I've set up a Prosody instance with SCRAM-SHA-1 support for you client
developers to test against. No channel binding support so far; sorry for
that. In-band registration is also enabled so you can test whatever valid
XMPP username you want.

Domain: scram-interop.ayena.de
Port: 7222 (There is a SRV record for the domain but I know there are still
some XMPP client implementations not supporting SRV)
Other: S2S disabled. You don't need that for SCRAM.

For starters there's user test with password test on it.

Have fun testing and if you have any problems with the server or encounter
errors feel free to contact me at tm at ayena.de (XMPP or SMTP).


Tobias Markmann
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