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Jehan Jehan.3zjb8z at no-mx.jabberforum.org
Sun Oct 4 08:19:00 CDT 2009


that's nice, but from what I understand, this is only through the use
of their gateway, which itself needs Office Communication server, and in
the end of the requirements Office Communicator (client). Office
Communication if some kind of company's private MSN server, if I
understand... So this is only for use in a corporate environment, very
specific use, and there is still no communication between a common MSN
id (with the "common user" MSN client) and a JID (and interoperability,
even less). Am I wrong? I don't know very well MSN technologies.

If not, this is still very limited, but at least it means that
Microsoft begins to consider the XMPP protocol, thus maybe do they have
other related projects under work. Who knows: they may announce in a few
monthes that they decided to go for the standard. It would be awesome.
:-D (Am I dreaming awake? :p)
Someday real IM interoperability may exist!

Note also that what stroke me is sadly that first all these press
release infos differentiate Gtalk from XMPP, second that they associate
XMPP to Cisco. Ok I know that it is typical "corporate" announcement (at
least it looks better for people who don't see further than their
nose... For me, reaching an approved Internet standard would be far more
corporate, or rather far more serious), but even though I got used to
read this kind of association, I still jump off the desktop every time I
read these simplifications.
Anyway good point. Let's see in the future now. :-)


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