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On 10/26/09 8:54 AM, Winfried Tilanus wrote:
> Hi,
> I will react to several e-mails at once, with the help of some ruthless
> copy & pasting.
> Note also the Call for DevRooms is now out too:
> http://fosdem.org/2010/call-developer-rooms

Perhaps Ralph can contact the FOSDEM powers about this.

> Dave Cridland:
>>> The question is: will we hold the XMPP Summit at the same time (±2 
>>> days?).
>> It worked surprisingly well last year, with events before and after. 
>> The only thing I would say is that it works best when we've problems 
>> we're aiming to solve.

Are there still problems left to solve? ;-)

> Peter Saint-Andre:
>> More hacking, less talking! :)
> I think we need to choose between what to do in a DevRoom (if we get
> any) and what to do in a separate event before or after Fosdem. I can't
> judge how many people attending Fosdem would like to participate in a
> XMPP-hacking event. It might be worth to give it a try.
>> How about a few "tracks" for people who want to hack on specific 
>> codebases / in specific languages. Examples:
>> 1. Python Hacking for XMPP (SleekXMPP, Twisted, etc.)
> Might be interesting, there will be a lot Python-literate developers
> around, an hands-on track on it might worth a try. Maybe interesting to
> hook up with a Python DevRoom on this?


>> 2. Building an XMPP Server in Lua (Prosody)
> Seems a bit specialistic to me, although it might be interesting for a
> presentation.

Prosody is the most active open-source XMPP server project I've seen
since the original jabberd. Having a hackfest seems like a good idea.
But in general my idea for the hackfest is to let different code
projects organize themselves and if they can get enough people
interested in their activities we'd give them a section of the devroom
so they can do their thing. There's no need for us to plan out in
advance which projects will get organized.

>> 3. Erlang, XMPP, and You (ejabberd)
> Or debugging erlang ;-)
> Some in-depth knowledge here might be very useful...

Maybe "intro to Erlang via ejabberd" is more appropriate. We can let the
ejabberd enthusiasts define their activities, if they are interested in

>> 4. Improving XMPP Support in the World's Most Popular IM Client 
>> (Pidgin) 5. Psi Bug Squashing and Feature Enhancements
> Will there enough Pidgin or Psi developers (or people willing to improve
> it) around at Fosdem to get this going? I have no idea... And maybe this
> is mere suitable for a private event on the days before or after.

See above.

>> We could also do interop testing among various codebases.
> Also seems quite specialistic to me, maybe better for the days before or
> after Fosdem.

Well, interop testing might happen naturally if we get enough different
teams in the same room...

> Nicolas Vérité:
>> Maybe we could also bring love and attention to PubSub and Jingle.
> A second JingleTingle and a PubSubDub ;-)
> Has the e2e encryption / XTLS work advanced enough to do an e2e security
> sprint around Fosdem?

I think so.

> Dave Cridland:
>>> I think we should apply for a Stand + Devroom, and we could maybe 
>>> get a list of people who want to do some main tracks / lightning 
>>> talks at FOSDEM too?
>> The talks are pretty useful to get wider, more mainstream, interest 
>> in XMPP, and to talk about things which aren't really core standards 
>> work.
>> I'd be up for doing one. I've a few ideas for some interesting things
>>  to talk about. (Well, interestingish. For some people.)
> The main-tracks are aiming at blocks of three talks around one theme:
> http://fosdem.org/2010/call_for_main_tracks
> Filling a main track, would be great exposure for XMPP, but do we think
> we can sensibly fill three hours with technical XMPP stuff? Or should we
> try to combine with some other project(s)?
> Topics that might be interesting to present at large at Fosdem are:
> - BOSH (how it works, getting started with it)
> - Extending XMPP
> - PubSub
> (The theme would then become something like: 'Creating the real time web
> with XMPP')
> Dave Cridland:
>> I could also do a lightning introduction to XMPP, that might be quite
>>  fun. (I actually have such a presentation kicking about, although 
>> it's very much Isode related, so I'd have to doctor it a bit to make 
>> it neutral).
> Does it fit into 15 minutes? A lightning talk with fun would be great.
> Florian Jensen:
>> I think we should apply for a Stand + Devroom, and we could maybe get
>> a list of people who want to do some main tracks / lightning talks
>> at FOSDEM too?
> Maybe we should create these lists on the Wiki?
> Do we have enough volunteers to man a stand? I will be running around
> too much at Fosdem to man the stand, but maybe others will have some time.
>> I'd be up for helping out with the organization of all FOSDEM related
>> stuff.
> Great, thanks Florian! As long as I have my hands free to run around at
> Saturday and Sunday, I am willing to help out a bit too.

That all sounds good. It's easy enough for us to create a page at
wiki.xmpp.org... :)


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