[jdev] gsoc proposal - RAW UDP

Irina Stanescu ironmissy at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 07:28:26 CDT 2010

Hi everybody,

My name is Irina Stanescu and i'm in my 4th year at Politehnica University
of Bucharest . I'm very interested in working with XMPP protocols, and I
already worked on a SIP-JINGLE audio gateway for a SIP server. I was going
through the gajim source files and I noticed that there is no support in
Jingle for RAW-UDP, nor for falling back from ICE-UDP to RAW-UDP. Is this a
good idea for a stand alone proposal? Or should i mention that i would like
to work on it too in the another proposal i'm going to make for the "CAPTCHA
Forms" project?

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