[jdev] Releasing Jaxl 2.0 – Object oriented XMPP framework in PHP

Abhinav Singh abhinavsingh at ymail.com
Wed Aug 4 19:14:40 CDT 2010

Hello friends,

After months of restructuring the Jaxl library, I am pleased to announce  Jaxl 
2.0, an object oriented XMPP framework in PHP for developing real  time 
applications for browsers, desktops and hand held devices.

What’s new in Jaxl 2.0?
	* A lot of structural changes has been done from the previous version to make 
it more scalable, robust, flexible and easy to use
	* Library now provides an event mechanism, allowing developers to  register 
callbacks for various xmpp events in their application code
	* Use integrated BOSH support to write real time web applications in minutes
	* More than 10 new implemented XMPP extensions (XEP’s) added
	* Development hosting moves to github, stable releases available at google 
Abhinav Singh,
Founder, Jaxl Inc.
Bangalore, India

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