[jdev] Google Wave being phased out

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> I studied Google Wave for a few hours to try and figure out how it 
> compared to SXE (XEP-0284). It may be a moot point now but here is a quick 
> summary:
> Architecture
> Security
> Discovery
> Caching
> Editing


I think the real problem was that nobody knew what to do with it. I was 
eager to get into the beta program; and did get an early invite - when I 
opened it up all I could think was "cool, what now"?

Always keep the Wave story in mind when making something cool and new with 
XMPP: people might not know what do with it. Something like a whiteboard 
(using SXE) works well because it guides people on collaborating together on 
a document using a medium/concept they are already familiar with. SXE itself 
is great because it's not restricted to whiteboards - which makes developers 
happy. Happy developers + happy users = great success!

> Thanks,
> Tom
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