[jdev] IBM "recommends" XMPP/BOSH for interactive, dynamic web applications

Heiner Wolf wolf.heiner at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 12 22:08:38 CDT 2010


there is a new tutorial from IBM about how to build modern realtime
web apps. In the tutorial IBM suggests using XMPP, BOSH from


We all knew for a long time, that XMPP is much more, than an IM
protocol. Many of us are using XMPP already for data applications.
Some even for realtime data display in web apps. Here we get another
"official blessing".

I built realtime web apps with ejabberd, Strophe.js, XMPPHP myself. It
works just great. The big advantage compared to long-poll AJAX / COMET
apps is that it not only delivers realtime to the browser (like
COMET), but the XMPP server in the pack also simplifies message
routing. COMET apps also need a message router. It is usually
implemented via the DB and a simple routing table. But, using a XMPP
server as router makes things much easier and more important: it makes
the app very flexible with respect to data sources and sinks. The LAMP
stack should be called LAMPX (X for XMPP) for building realtime web

Dr. Heiner Wolf

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