[jdev] Help required regarding XMPP client for Windows Mobile 7

Waqar Ali Khan waqar.khan17 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 19:33:24 CDT 2010


Actually i have a project of Windows Mobile 7 in which u wud know better
than me that we have only http protocol available no socks etc...
Now the problem is that i m very new in XMPP i read complete 3 days about
XMPP at their site and different Blogs but didn't found information that i
needed, if you guys guide me then i can probably work on it. The scenario is
that I have to make a library like thing for C# silverlight (Windows Mobile
7) which can be used to connect to any XMPP server and chat using it. Now i
have problems understanding that i know we have to send XML data and
retrieve the response as well in XML but i don't know how to begin means i
just have to use http, i don't wanna use any type of library i want to make
every thing by my self, i know the steps/syntax to communicate with server
like sending XML chunks and parsing the response but where do i make request
and how do i make request which URL i don't understand these things once i
know how to connect to any server using only http then i'll play around with
it but.. :(

I hope u understand my problem, just guide me how to achieve it, i saw and
tried Matrix <http://blog.ag-software.de/?cat=3> thing its awesome but can't
see its code, actually i don't want its code, i won't be able to understand
it i am just beginner and want to write everything from the scratch to make
a client for XMPP. Please if u help me then it wud be a great favor for me,
Waiting for your kind reply :(

Waqar Ali Khan
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