[jdev] Announcing federated buddycloud channels

Simon Tennant (buddycloud) simon at buddycloud.com
Thu Dec 2 12:33:06 CST 2010

Hi gang

Until now buddycloud has been the only channel server operator. For many 
reasons, I'd rather have a fully distributed solution where users don't 
have to trust buddycloud and so we are launching project "stop trusting 
buddycloud" see http://open.buddycloud.com/background

The aim is to develop a solution where anyone can run their own channel 
server and each channel server interoperates via XMPP without depending 
on BC.

Your channel is like a Facebook wall that your friends (based off your 
roster) can post to. A channel server is an XEP-0114 component and 
largely based off pub-sub.

I believe that federated channel servers will provide a very robust 
foundation for future federated social networking projects that take 
advantage of XMPP's native federation (side note: I am always surprised 
by new projects reinventing federation like Diaspora and Appleseed seem 
so intent upon).

We now have a couple of channel server code-bases in the works (java and 
node.js) and also a couple of mobile client projects that will 
automagically connect to the correct federated server and resync posts.

If  you would like to know more (or join in), the project site is 


PS: The idea is to try and standardise as much as possible, but first we 
make sure that the federated channels and clients work really well.

Simon Tennant

mobile: +49 17 8545 0880
office: +44 20 7043 6756
office: +49 89 4209 55854

xmpp:simon at buddycloud.com
mailto:simon at buddycloud.com

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