[jdev] oAuth equivalent for for XMPP?

Simon Tennant (buddycloud) simon at buddycloud.com
Sat Dec 11 04:31:02 CST 2010

Recently I have been working with a different developers who are trying 
to build bosh-based buddycloud-channels into their own websites.

The problem is:

A user needs to log-into a website using their jid. A thrid-party 
website (eg: channels.example.com) asking for your jid and password 
(joe at gmail.com) should scare any sensible user and worry xmpp operators 
that $RANDOMWEBSITE is asking for their user's credentials.

Additionally, we also have a problem in that users need to log-in 
repeatedly to access anything that uses a BOSH connection. While one can 
debate the merits of this, users are more familiar to an experience 
where they have to reauthenticate infrequently.

So I guess the questions that arise are:

    * How do we protect against rogue websites saving your password?
      What practices are other xmpp website developers using?
    * Is there an oAuth equivalent for XMPP?
    * What best practices are websites using to save the user logging in
      repeatedly each time the BOSH connection is destroyed (leaving the


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