[jdev] Problem of the EchoComponent sample code

Xiang (Gavin) Ye gavin.ye at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 16:55:33 CST 2010


It's the first time I work on jabber.
I am trying to write a Jabber Event Broker which can block user action or
filter the message.

I compiled EchoComponent sample code and put it on my Jabber Server (It's a
Jabber XCP 5.4 from Jabber Inc). But it started and then exit.
I can see an error message: "Pipe creation failed. Exiting the

After that, I compiled the Java sample code. It also failed, but with more
    2/4/10 12:27:40 AM [DEBUG]: ComponentProxy::onInitialize
    2/4/10 12:27:40 AM [DEBUG]: Component::onInitialize
    2/4/10 12:27:40 AM [INFO]: Connecting to the router @ /
    2/4/10 12:27:40 AM [INFO]: Connected to the router @ /,400
    2/4/10 12:27:40 AM [DEBUG]: XMLStream writing: <stream:stream
xmlns='jabber:component:accept' xmlns:stream='
http://etherx.jabber.org/streams' to='eventbroker.jabber'>
    2/4/10 12:27:40 AM [DEBUG]: ComponentStream.onStreamOpen
    2/4/10 12:27:40 AM [DEBUG]: XMLStream writing:
    2/4/10 12:27:40 AM [ERROR]: Component authentication with router failed.
    2/4/10 12:27:40 AM [DEBUG]: ComponentStream.onStreamError: Software
caused connection abort: recv failed
    2/4/10 12:27:40 AM [DEBUG]: EventBroker exited with SUCCESS

It seems it needs authentication with router.
Here is my question:
  1. Where can I configure the Component Authentication?
  2. Is there any extra steps I need to do except configure the JSM and


== Gavin
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