[jdev] Protect message between multiple client instance

Davide Cerbo davidecerbo at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 17:20:07 CST 2010

Hi all, I am developing a little application to do an experiment.
I have the following scenario:
- one XMPP bot with id bot at abc.com)
- one user connect with a generic client, with id user at abc.com and that have
the XMPP bot between his contacts
- the same user with id user at abc.com connect from my custom client

It's possible to send a message from bot at abc.com to user at abc.com connected
with my custom client?
I do not want that the user logged with generic client receive the message.
I need it because I want to send via XMPP: chat messages and also command to
throw some events in my custom client and I do not like if the user views

Any suggest would be very appreciate.
I hope you understand my explanation because I'm an Italian boy and my
english is not so good :)
Thank you very much

Davide Cerbo
+ 39 329 70 81 927
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