[jdev] XEP-0080: adding location source information

Ilya Braude ilya at drakontas.com
Wed Feb 10 16:35:03 CST 2010

Christopher Orr wrote:
> What kind of granularity is useful -- would you want a <source> for 
> the lat/lon (GPS), plus somehow another <source> for the <speed> 
> (speedometer)?
> Similarly for <alt> and <bearing>.

I supposed you can make source an optinal attribute on every child of 
geoloc, but I think that would not be particularly useful and wasteful. 

If multiple sources are providing information, I would put them in 
separate geoloc elements and either bundle all the geolocs into one 
publish message, or send multiple publish messages (of course this 
depends on your transport of choice - I'm assuming pubsub here).

>> That sounds sensible. On that topic it would be nice to have a tag 
>> for where
>> mobile clients could just dump the CellIDs they see and send the 
>> stanza to
>> the server which would then do the heavy lifting and look the 
>> position up
>> locally or at a 3rd party service and would replace the CellID tag 
>> with the
>> coordinates and accuracy tags.
> A bit like this? :)
> http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0255.html#example-5 (or example 7 if 
> you're not expecting a reply).

Yes, I believe the BuddyCloud guys are to thank for that.


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