[jdev] Jingle Federation

Govind, Mahesh (NSN - IN/Bangalore) mahesh.govind at nsn.com
Mon Feb 15 19:09:21 CST 2010

Thanks peter . 
So this means ,now only IM is possible through the federation . 
Please correct me if I am wrong .


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On 2/15/10 3:43 AM, Govind, Mahesh (NSN - IN/Bangalore) wrote:
> Could you please help me in getting some information about setting up a
> federation using Jingle client and google talk service  .

The Google Talk client does not yet use Jingle as defined in the specs
(XEP-0166 etc.). They're working on it. :)

> Can we use Openfire for  runninng myown xmpp service which can do a
> jingle federation with google talk .

Jingle is almost all client-to-client so you'll need to wait for Google
to upgrade its software (unless you want to write a special Google Talk
module for your client).


Peter Saint-Andre

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