[jdev] Can an external XMPP component to listen to certain events on the server side such as a buddy request?

Karsten J jeskar at web.de
Mon Jan 25 12:46:03 CST 2010


I am studying at a University in Germany. We started a little project
which tracks the location of people, connects them and helps them to
interact on different levels. Well, in the end it will.

We decided to use XMPP as our protocol and as it turns out there is
almost always an XEP which covers something we want to do. I really
start liking it.

Since we don't have the capacity to write our own server we decide to
use an existing one and enhance its features with an external
component. However, I kinda ran into a problem and I hope you can help
me out. In the XEP-0114 it says that an external component can do
things that clients cannot. I tried to find a list of those things but
till now I wasn't lucky. There is one special thing my component needs
to be able to do. I would like my component to listen to buddy
requests and "buddy acceptances" of clients which are received by the
server. As far as I know an internal component  or something like a
packet interceptor as a plug in which sends the packets on to my
component could do that. However, before I start writing a plug in for
a specific server implementation I would like to know if there is a
way within the specifications of the protocol.

I need this feature to do some logic on the component side.

I hope you understand my problem and thank you for any advices.

best whishes,
Karsten Jeschkies

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