[jdev] The future of Jabber/XMPP?

Kevin Smith kevin at kismith.co.uk
Sat Jul 10 17:01:17 CDT 2010

On Sat, Jul 10, 2010 at 10:39 PM, Yves Goergen
<nospam.list at unclassified.de> wrote:
> Today I noticed that there hasn't been an update to the Openfire Jabber
> server in more than 14 months, where 2007 and 2008 have been very active
> years. There's still a lot of open issues in the project. In the past
> years, a few Jabber projects (like legacy IM gateways or PHP libraries)
> have fallen asleep for indefinite time. The Psi developers push
> long-desired features further and further into the future while the
> Linux package downloads fall behind in versions. (Currently their
> website it only half available.)
> Sometime in the last decade I saw a more or less great momentum towards
> open IM standards, with Google Talk and GMX/web.de introducing XMPP
> services or Apple iChat supporting the protocol. Recently, Facebook also
> joined the club (without s2s AFAIK), but I have the vague impression
> that the whole thing slowly falls asleep. There hasn't been real great
> leaps in the near past, or did I just miss them? Now even Google tries
> to introduce yet another messaging protocol that isn't as verbose as XML
> [citation needed].
> Please don't tell me that Free Jabber is dying, because what's left
> is... once again only ICQ, MSN and restrictive terms of service.

I think this could be summarised as: some of the older projects are
not the new kids any more - they're either reaching maturity or being
abandoned, while other new kids are showing up, and some older
projects are keeping going consistently.

Openfire is less active than it used to be - but Prosody has appeared
as the new and trendy Free server - and I should probably plug M-Link
here too!
Psi is less active than it used to be - but it's not dead (it's always
gone through phases), and two of the devs went off to write a new
client, Swift, and this is new and (for me) exciting.
I don't know the state of the PyTransports for sure - I'd heard
they're static now - but Spectrum is new and active in the transports

If one looks at XMPP as a whole, and not just counting the projects
that are slowing down, there's still a lot of new and exciting $STUFF
going on.


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