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at the risk of being labeled a "top poster" by the others ... ;)


I hope your interested in letting the XSF host your GSoC project.  If
so, then we need to add it to the Project Ideas wiki page at
http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summer_of_Code_2010_Project_Ideas  so that we
can find a mentor for the project and also so that you can get the
information together for the GSoC council to vote on your project.

If not, well I tried ;) -- but yea, you will find the folks to answer
your question here.


On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 09:02, Zhenchao Li <cockneykevin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, everyone!
>     I'm a graduate student studying computer science and I've been exploring
> both the XEPs concerning jingle file transfer and playing with the gajim
> client's source code for the last 6 weeks. Since gajim already has the
> ability to handle the jingle protocol and establish socks5 bytestream to
> transfer file, implementing file transfer over jingle for gajim shouldnt' be
> too difficult. There are just several things I don't quite understand and I
> need your advice :
>   As far as I know the jingle protocol is kind of similar to the original
> stream initiation(xep-0095) conceptually. Apart from jingle being a newer,
> more general session negotiation protocol(general in the sense that there
> are already video, voice calls applications built on jingle) and SI
> practically being used only by SI file transfer(xep-0096), what are the
> advantages that jingle has over SI? Surely there are already clients that
> has support for jingle file transfer(pidgin, gtalk) so we definitely will
> see more clients implementing this, but, is there anything extra that jingle
> has brought us so we can improve the file transfer process? What's the
> rationale behind implementing file transfer over jingle given SI file
> transfer already works fine?
>   Also I've talked to asterix about some extra features I want to implement
> in gajim. The first one is channel encryption. The only protocol I find
> relevant is XTLS, which says it has already expired here. So it seems there
> will be no standard way to implement this feature, right? Is there any
> possibility this "XEP" will become a draft someday? Or is there any standard
> way to encrypt the channel in the XMPP stack? The second feature that I want
> to implement is transferring multiple files in one shot. But it seems that
> according to jingle file transfer the receiver has to accept file transfer
> one by one anyway. So I'm considering archiving the files and then send it.
> But this is not accepted by everybody. The main argument being the receiver
> does not know he/she has to unzip the archive. What I think is that this is
> rather more related to how the client reacts to events like drag and drop of
> several files. If the user is notified that files will be archived before
> they are sent, I don't think he/she will be confused. So, what's your
> opinion? I'd like to hear it:-) . Another feature I want to implement is
> jingle IBB transport method. This is according to XEPs a must but for some
> reasons it is not in gajim. After implementing this feature failed file
> transfer attempts should fall back on IBB file transfer.
>   These are some initial thoughts. Comments, advices, suggestions are all
> welcomed!
>   I'm pursuing a master of science degree in Fudan University, China. I'm
> comfortable with C, C++, perl. And I love Python and lisp! I have played
> with the linux kernel, netsurf the web browser and some other open source
> projects, been a heavy user of open source softwares. I really hope I can do
> something this summer to further improve my skills and contribute to the
> XMPP community. You can find me  as fantasticsid on irc, jabber.com, and
> also the blog and email below.
> --
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