[jdev] Openfire won't let IQs pass.

Karsten Jeschkies jeskar at web.de
Sat Mar 27 06:11:04 CDT 2010


some time ago I descriped a project here I was working on at my
University. We have been using XMPP for around 4 weeks now and it
helped a lot. Nearly everything we needed was defined in some XEP.
Since we haven't had much time we implemented some customized versions
of some XEPs. In doing so we encountered a little problem which I
think has to do with our lack of knowledge about the XMPP Core

We were not always able to send IQ stanzas from our component through
our Openfire Jabber Server to clients. Somehow everything worked when
we use our implementation of the JaberRPC XEP but when we send IQs to
clients who haven't send a request before the clients would not
receive the IQ. Even when the client send and IQ and the answer had a
slightly different "from"-attribute the IQ would not arrive. Our
component always received all IQ stanazs. We "solved" this by just
sending messages when the component had to send unrequested
information to the client. Now I am sure that there is no bug on our
side. And I am even more sure that there is no error on the Jabber
Server side. So my only explanation would be that clients are by
protocol only allowed to receive IQ stanzas if they send an IQ request
before and the answer has the same ID as the request and the receiver
(here our component) of the request as "from"-attribute. Openfire
would then just not let our IQ pass except the JabberRPC answers which
would fulfill the requirements I mentioned.

Is my explanation right? Unfortunately we could not focus on the XMPP
Core in our project so I am just speculating. I would be happy if
someone would enlighten me : ).

best wishes,
Karsten Jeschkies

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