[jdev] Developing Web-conferecing tool in .net

Vijayanand.P vijay.p at dwpractice.com
Mon May 3 00:57:57 CDT 2010



We have to develop a web conferencing application in .NET (that should be
supported on Windows and Mac too) that supports 

1.	Voice & Video chat and conference
2.	File sharing
3.	Desktop sharing 
4.	Whiteboard 
5.	Voice/Video recording
6.	Should be able to be integrated with SIP/VOIP gateways and LDAP
7.	Should support IP Mulitcast and Unicast


Could someone suggest on the following? It would be of great help if you can
provide answers or pointers 


1.	Can use mono (on Mac) to  run the .Net application on Mac?
2.	Can we use Soapbox .net server as XMPP server?
3.	Can we  use agsXmpp/jabber-net C# library to implement the above
functionalities (i.e. above 1 to 7)  ?
4.	Which .net programming language (C# or ASP etc ) is best to develop
such application?
5.	What is the approx timeframe to develop such  application for 3 to 4



Thanks and Regards




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