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Also remember that IMAP is part of the MIME stack. Beautiful Microsoft 
Outlook proprietary and incompatible extensions anyone? Magic numbers? Magic 
content types? No fallback? Significant documentation effort?

Or just a new namespace? With fallback measures in place (<message>) or 
not-supported error codes instead of silent failure (<iq>). Everything 
describes itself; XML is easier to read than Base64. Chances are the 
protocol-designer documented it anyway.

XML is designed to be extensible; MIME is designed to be hopeless. When 
making an extensible protocol the choice becomes obvious (imagine the fun if 
we had to use MIME for SOAP message payloads).

Also remember that the XMPP network has proven to be resilient in the face 
of SPIM. With SPAM rampant on the email network you can imagine the fun if 
an IM system was built on email protocols.


(disclaimer: I don't like MIME, I wish email would go away)

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