[jdev] Understanding target SOCKS5 connection flow with streamhost/requester

Abhinav Singh abhinavsingh at ymail.com
Tue Nov 9 15:22:59 CST 2010


While going through XEP-0065 and related RFC's i decided to play around with the 
debug window of Pidgin. Here is what I found when a connected account tries to 
accept a file:

(01:56:47) jabber:Recv (572): http://jabber.org/protocol/bytestreams' 
(01:56:47) dnsquery: Performing DNS lookup for
(01:56:47) dnsquery: IP resolved for
(01:56:47) proxy: Attempting connection to
(01:56:47) proxy: Connecting to 50c0abe90692f69b56e49a53334daf8c6ad26f9e:0 via using SOCKS5
(01:56:47) socks5 proxy: Connection in progress
(01:56:47) jabber: in jabber_si_xfer_bytestreams_send_connected_cb
(01:56:47) socks5 proxy: Connected.
(01:56:47) jabber: in jabber_si_xfer_bytestreams_send_read_cb
(01:56:47) jabber: reading those first two bytes
(01:56:47) jabber: in jabber_si_xfer_bytestreams_send_read_cb
(01:56:47) jabber: reading 1 bytes for auth methods (trying to read 1 now)
(01:56:47) jabber: checking to make sure we're socks FIVE
(01:56:47) jabber: going to test 1 different methods
(01:56:47) jabber: testing 0
(01:56:47) socks5 proxy: Able to read.
(01:56:47) jabber: in jabber_si_xfer_bytestreams_send_read_again_cb
(01:56:47) jabber: reading the first 5 bytes
(01:56:47) jabber: in jabber_si_xfer_bytestreams_send_read_again_cb
(01:56:47) jabber: reading 42 bytes for DST.ADDR + port num (trying to read 42 
(01:56:47) stun: using server 
(01:56:47) jabber: SOCKS5 connection negotiation completed. Waiting for IQ 
result to start file transfer.
(01:56:47) s5: reallocing from 5 to 18
(01:56:47) s5: reallocing from 18 to 20
(01:56:47) proxy: Connected to 50c0abe90692f69b56e49a53334daf8c6ad26f9e:0.
(01:56:47) jabber:Sending (1 at dev.jaxl.im/2557233831289334472350031): 

Now as per section 5.3.2. of XEP-0065 here is how Pidgin should have calculated 
hash for DST.ADDR:
sha1("purplee6c1c0cbjaxl at dev.jaxl.im/5859500411289328645518583jaxl at dev.jaxl.im/5859500411289328645518583")
 which equates to 59aadec011bdb96cb0f2fea5e6f6596e5a0d6f93 and not 
50c0abe90692f69b56e49a53334daf8c6ad26f9e as shown in the logs.

Am i missing something from the XEP doc?

Abhinav Singh,
Founder, Jaxl Inc.
Bangalore, India

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