[jdev] RFC: Pontarius 0.1 Features Draft

Dirk Meyer dmeyer at tzi.de
Tue Nov 16 01:32:05 CST 2010

Hi Jon / Hi everyone else,

even though you also sent me a personal mail, I guess it is a better 
idea to answer to the list. Maybe someone else wants to join in. I'm not 
dead, only very busy with a job completely unrelated to XMPP. :(

On 13.11.2010 00:30, Jon Kristensen wrote:
> My name is Jon Kristensen and I am planning to create a XMPP-based media
> server called Pontarius. The typical use case of Pontarius (0.1) would
> be to host all your media on a local server and have that server share
> it with your friends (with customizable permissions). In the future it
> will also be a foundation for services of different kinds. We will be
> making heavy use of the XMPP protocol.

An XMPP-based media server was part of my PhD thesis. If you have a lot 
of free time: http://elib.suub.uni-bremen.de/diss/docs/00011878.pdf
If you don't, take a look at chapters 2.1, 6 and 7. They contain the use 
cases for my idea, the generic secure architecture and what you can do 
with it.

> I just wanted to let you know that we have produced a draft of the
> features for the first version of Pontarius. You can read it
> http://www.pontarius.org/pontarius-0-1-features-draft/. Also see the
> comments. We would appreciate any feedback! :)

Sounds good. A gvfs backend would be cool to get an easy integration. 
Besides not having time to work on XMPP I'm the maintainer of Freevo 
(http://www.freevo.org) -- also no time lately, but if I do, I want to 
integrate the ideas into Freevo.

Right now, the lack of free time is the main reason why I don't continue 
the work. But I still plan to do so. If we can join forces (and maybe 
other people) this could help a lot. I don't have time to write XEPs or 
hack code, but I do have some minutes for discussions.



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