[jdev] RFC: Pontarius 0.1 Features Draft

Jon Kristensen technology at jonkristensen.com
Tue Nov 16 10:35:41 CST 2010

On 11/16/2010 08:32 AM, Dirk Meyer wrote:
> An XMPP-based media server was part of my PhD thesis. If you have a 
> lot of free time: http://elib.suub.uni-bremen.de/diss/docs/00011878.pdf
> If you don't, take a look at chapters 2.1, 6 and 7. They contain the 
> use cases for my idea, the generic secure architecture and what you 
> can do with it.

Wonderful! I will start reading today! :)

Have you coded anything in regards to this so far?

> Sounds good. A gvfs backend would be cool to get an easy integration. 
> Besides not having time to work on XMPP I'm the maintainer of Freevo 
> (http://www.freevo.org) -- also no time lately, but if I do, I want to 
> integrate the ideas into Freevo.

Right now we're actually considering revising the features for 0.1 to 
only support only "managed media", the higher level system of file(s) 
and metadata. I'm just thinking about the scope of the project and that 
there are better tools for remote file systems. An arbitrary file could 
of course be uploaded using something like a "Object" managed resource, 
but that's not what the typical use case would be like. What do you 
think about this?

Warm regards,
Jon Kristensen

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