[jdev] Fwd: xep-0201

Yann Leboulanger asterix at lagaule.org
Fri Sep 3 04:55:28 CDT 2010

Le 03/09/2010 11:08, Mark Burton a écrit :
> Hi all, Below is a short exchange between me and Peter.
> I'm interested in using the xep-0201 standard to allow true 'threaded' conversations. Combining this with group chats and presence/typing indicators would seem to be a collaborative working dream tool :-)
> Is anybody aware of a jabber client that supports this? or, indeed, anybody working on it?
> Cheers
> Mark.

Gajim sends <thread> element in chat messages, but in the GUI you cannot 
have 2 conversations with the same resource of a JID at the same time.
It also supports XEP-0085: Chat State Notifications.


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