[jdev] The future of Jabber/XMPP?

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>One may wonder whether low penetration of PEP may lie in the level of
>complication this XEP and its dependencies introduce.

I am guessing you mean complication on the server side, not the client side.
On the client side PEP is simple to implement. PEP is tricky to implement on
the server but since PEP is a specialization of pubsub it can leverage the
pubsub work to make that easier.

I would say now that most major XMPP server implementations support PEP
(excluding jabberd*). My suspicion is that we are in a state where the
clients aren't exercising PEP server implementations so the weak points
aren't apparent. I'm not being critical of server or client implementers -
that's just how software development goes.

Now that PEP client implementations are rolling out I am sure things will
improve quickly. In fact PEP support in the latest Openfire beta is much

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