[jdev] Releasing Jaxl 2.1.1 - Real time web (XMPP over Bosh) development support, performance fix, monitoring and other options

Abhinav Singh abhinavsingh at ymail.com
Mon Sep 13 18:39:29 CST 2010

Jaxl 2.1.1 is out! Jaxl 2.1.1 adds a lot of performance enhancements 
to the library core. Also adds new options for monitoring, usage stats 
collection, rate limiting, running background cron job, log rotation 
and other utilities. This version also provides a stable framework for 
real time web application development using XMPP over Bosh.

Download: http://code.google.com/p/jaxl/downloads/list 
Changelog: http://bit.ly/jaxl211 

Thanks to the folks at Movim project (http://www.movim.eu/) whose 
regular feedback has helped Jaxl library in providing a stable real 
time web application development support. 
Questions, feature request, insights, bugs, commit patches are 

Abhinav Singh,
Founder, Jaxl Inc.
Bangalore, India

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