[jdev] Best ways for a JID to advertise what services it uses?

Tuomas Koski koski.tuomas at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 05:15:51 CST 2010

Hi all,

(I have been thinking about this quite a while now and I think it's
better to ask from the smarter men)

what are the best ways for a JID to advertise what services it uses ?

Let's take an example:

User miss.x at gmail.com wants the whole wild XMPP world to be able to
discover that her "microblog" can be found from URI
"xmpp:pubsub.microblog.com.?;node=tech_lady", her global avatar can be
found from "http://en.gravatar.com/12365432151321351.png" and her
"magic-public-key" is "just_an_example_magic-public-key".

In the HTTP world this could be achieved by using for example
http://code.google.com/p/webfinger/ . In short it works in a way that
if one would like to discover koski at lobstermonste.org's info, one
would first query http://lobstermonster.org/.well-known/host-meta and
then discover the LRDD of the user, in this case using the url
http://www.lobstermonster.org/lrdd?uri=koski@lobstermonster.org .

So, what would be the best way to archive the same using XMPP?


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