[jdev] State of the XMPP Clients?

Andreas Monitzer jdev at monitzer.com
Tue Aug 16 20:04:44 UTC 2011


I'm currently developing a new XMPP client, and I'm considering which XEPs
to implement. There are a lot of XEPs that were superseded by incompatible
new versions, and whether I have to implement the older ones depends on what
the clients already on the market use. Can someone here give me some
pointers for that?

Here are the ones I've already run into:

User Avatars:
XEP-0153 vs XEP-0084

Delayed Delivery:
XEP-0091 vs XEP-0203

File Transfer:
XEP-0096 vs XEP-0234

Entity Capabilities:
XEP-0115 v1.3 vs XEP-0115 v1.5

XEP-0154: User Profile has been deferred, so I guess at least that one
definitely goes to XEP-0054.

Further, what's the state of end-to-end encryption? There's no XEP for that,
except for the historical XEP-0027. Adium and Pidgin implement OTR, but that
library has a (for my use) bad license attached to it, and it doesn't really
integrate into XMPP all that well (it takes over the <body> tag of the
message, instead of defining its own).

Andreas Monitzer
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