[jdev] State of the XMPP Clients?

Kim Alvefur zash at zash.se
Tue Aug 16 21:21:53 UTC 2011

On Tue, 2011-08-16 at 22:04 +0200, Andreas Monitzer wrote:
> I'm considering which XEPs to implement.
The Compliance Suites XEPs might be relevant. 302 is currently  still
Experimental, but it should at least give you an idea of what would be
good to implement.

> User Avatars:
> XEP-0153 vs XEP-0084
54+153 is what's in widespread use now, don't know if anyone has
implemented 84 yet, but I can't see how it hurts since it's based on
PEP, so server support is pretty widespread now.

> Delayed Delivery:
> XEP-0091 vs XEP-0203
I don't think you loose much by implementing the later.

> File Transfer:
> XEP-0096 vs XEP-0234
Jingle is the future! ;)

> Entity Capabilities:
> XEP-0115 v1.3 vs XEP-0115 v1.5
I'd recommend you implement the latest version. Clients doing the older
version can be ignored and disco#info'd, they are AFAIK so few that it
doesn't matter much.

> XEP-0154: User Profile has been deferred, so I guess at least that one
> definitely goes to XEP-0054. 
As mentioned above 54 is in widespread use. You'd want to look at
XEP-0292: vCard4 Over XMPP, which is supposed to be the way forward.

> Further, what's the state of end-to-end encryption?
XEP-0247: Jingle XML Streams and STARTTLS would be the cool thing to do
IMO. :)
Kim Alvefur <zash at zash.se>

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