[jdev] sasl error on multiple <auth/>?

Jonathan Dickinson jonathan at dickinsons.co.za
Mon Aug 29 07:56:30 UTC 2011

Most probably <not-authorized /> as that is your "you shouldn't be doing 
that here" error during stream negotiation:

"The entity has attempted to send XML stanzas or other outbound data before 
the stream has been authenticated, or otherwise is *not authorized to 
perform an action related to stream negotiation*; the receiving entity MUST 
NOT process the offending data before sending the stream error."

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> From: Alexander Holler Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2011 4:57 PM To: 
> jdev at jabber.org Subject: [jdev] sasl error on multiple ?
> What should a server do when he receives an <auth/> after a successfull 
> negotiation?
> RFC 6120 6.4.2 only defines what happens when the authentication isn't 
> completed but not what happens when the authentication was completed. 

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