[jdev] Short thoughts about DNS/SRV, Unicode, Stanza namespace prefix

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Feb 17 09:11:20 CST 2011

On 2/8/11 2:53 PM, Rene Treffer wrote:

> :: 2 - Encoding
> Character Encoding: It is not clear if a client/server may send a UTF-8
> BOM (byte order marker). This should be clarified. I'm not in favor of
> either way, but it should be pointed out.
> Unicode: It is not clear how a stream should handle invalid (ill) utf-8
> sequences.

As Waqas pointed out, this is prohibited by 3920bis.

> :: 3 - XML Stanza namespaces
> This is about the section Peter outlined: The stream stanzas must not be
> prefixed. I learned this by testing against gtalk (which happily
> violates this) and trying to log into an ejabberd afterwards....
> I'm pretty much in favor of relaxing this rule. A prefixed stanza can be
> fully analyzed on its own without trouble. It's a "detachable" version.
> (I'm actually using this to feed a smack parser. it's way more stable
> than crashing the connection, working on a shared/direct xml parser is
> risky.). I don't really see a reason why this rule should be stronger
> than "should not" (at least in the long run).

Yes, that was the consensus on the XMPP WG list, and it will be fixed
before publication of the new RFCs.


Peter Saint-Andre

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