[jdev] Please help shape Emerging Communications 2011 by editing topic discussion document

Lee S Dryburgh dryburghl at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 19:11:16 CST 2011

Dear XMPP'ers,

I'd like all those with an opinion to help shape the event by editing
topic discussion document.

It's completely open and can be edited here:


Topics should be related to the conference tagline "What's Next in
Telecom, Mobile & Internet Communications".

It may help to remember that the Emerging Communications Conference &
Awards covers four broad categories, which are:

1. Concept and futurism: the thinking needs to be outward beyond 2-5
years. Anything less is obvious.
2. Product and service demos: it's got to be new and interesting. And
it's got to be complete show and tell, not slideware.
3. Technology and engineering: new technologies including new
technical specifications.
4. Policy discussions: insider stuff. People steeped in the ins and
outs of decisions being made that affect us all.

Please contribute in order to help maintain an independent forum with
a positive mission - to ensure an open exchange of vision and ideas in
order to positively influence the future of
technology-mediated-communications through education, research, and


Lee S Dryburgh (Founder)

Gmail: lee.dryburgh
Twitter: leedryburgh
Skype: leedryburgh


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