[jdev] XMPP for fast, decentralized syndication

Hugh Wimberly hughw at lanl.gov
Thu Jan 13 16:58:10 CST 2011

I'm working on a project that should push updates to many millions of 
clients very rapidly, with the distinction that it can't rely on central 
servers; if the most important 100,000 nodes die all at once, the rest 
of the network shouldn't be significantly impaired.

One current idea is to structure the network like Kademlia or Koorde, 
but have each node be an XMPP server that is a client of all its 
neighbors. Any message would be flooded across the entire network, 
broadcast from most or all nodes (never rebroadcast), preferably with 
some algorithm that prevents most of the redundant messages.

I have no experience developing with the XMPP libraries, and this seems 
from reading various documentation to be a strange use for XMPP; from 
your perspective as more seasoned developers, is this an abuse of XMPP, 
or something that it should work fairly well at?


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