[jdev] buddycloud node.js channel server released

Simon Tennant (buddycloud) simon at buddycloud.com
Fri Jan 28 13:40:52 CST 2011

The buddycloud node.js based server is now out. It's our work towards 
creating an open social network based on the XMPP protocol. The server 
is an XMPP component and is designed to plug into any existing XMPP 
server. We have used pub-sub for the design and XMPP's native federation 
to help buddycloud servers find eachother.

All the protocol bits are published: http://open.buddycloud.com with the 
idea that we iron out the kinks and then XEP-ify things.

MattJ is also working on a channel server that plugs into Prosody and 
we're excited to see how the two codebases interact.

If you want to have a play, the code is: 
https://github.com/astro/channel-server and a blog post about our 
technology choices is at 

I am hoping to see lots of you at FOSDEM next weekend where there will 
be a bunch of us hacking on buddycloud related bits.


Simon Tennant
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xmpp: simon at buddycloud.com
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