[jdev] Reply to a pubsub node

Thomas Baquet ld.blackfox at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 15:05:35 CST 2011

I recently had an idea for a system to make answer possible on a pubsub 
- Alice post a note on a node at xmpp://wonderland.com/alice/prettynote
- Bob have seen this, and wants to answer to her → he posts his reply at 
- The Bob's server will send a notification to the Alice's server 
(wonderland.com) with a <ref> item (point to the Bob's note) - even if 
there is no subscriptions from alice to bob;
- When Romeo wants to read Alice's post and the replies, the Alice's 
server will return the Alice's note and the Bob's note (if exists - 
otherwise, remove the reference)

This way make the client's developper easier, i guess...
What do you think?

Thomas Baquet (aka Lord Blackfox)

Jabber ID: me at lordblackfox.net
Website: http://lordblackfox.net/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/LordBlackFox

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