[jdev] different reconnection in browsers

Мадина Слободяник polosataja at bigmir.net
Wed Apr 4 10:40:50 UTC 2012

Hi all.
Just want to apologize for my English =) I i'm developing a web-browser client
for xmpp chat, in OpenFire server platform with Strophe.js - a standard set
of web developer.I have a few months studied all of the standards and
faced with
one problem. I can not solve it myself.

Soo my problem is: when my client use F5 to reload page in FireFox -
connection just brocan and i can create new connection on document readi js
event. BUT when user reload page in Opera, Chrome and IE - connection don't
brocen automaticaly, it's stay near 15-30sec. I decide use attach func, i
remember SID and some RID(i have problem with - wich RIS i must remember)
-but....it's don't work correctly...

Soo maybe someone know this problem and tell me his thought about
this? I am very
grateful for any help!! Coz i haven't any help in my work place =(
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