[jdev] libraries page at xmpp.org

gnauck at ag-software.de gnauck at ag-software.de
Fri Apr 13 11:13:41 UTC 2012


I am currently updating the XMPP libraries page at:

There were many broken links which I have fixed. If you are a library developer and think your link is wrong please let me know.

I could not find the following libraries with a quick Google search:

* headstock, Python, http://trac.defuze.org/wiki/headstock
* js.io, JavaScript, http://js.io/
* oajabber, C++, http://www.openaether.org/oajabber.html

Please let me know the Urls and status of these projects.

Loudmouth goes to Google groups. Does anybody knows the page for the code, or is the google groups page fine?

I also plan to add a column or category for mobile. If your library runs also on mobile please send me the detailed info.


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