[jdev] High level XMPP Javascript client

Theo Cushion theo at jivatechnology.com
Thu Apr 26 09:48:31 UTC 2012

On 25 Apr 2012, at 17:36, Sergey Dobrov wrote:

> On 04/25/2012 11:11 PM, Theo Cushion wrote:
>> That looks interesting.
>> Have you got a demo of habahaba anywhere?
> Sure: http://habahaba.im/

Cool! Can't believe I completely missed this project

> Actually, this is just a Jappix fork with some extra features. You can
> take a small description of the project here: http://jawiki.ru/Eng:HabaHaba
> For the moment, habahaba doesn't actually use jslix, it mostly inherits
> jappix code. (except of server side part which was rewritten in python
> and uses twilix).
> I started to write jslix because I want to implement jingle in habahaba
> using webrtc protocol (for now there's only voice support using Flash
> and without jslix and written by another developer).

WebRTC is looking very promising.

> Unfortunately, I realized that existent libraries are too bad to write
> fast and flexible things (moreover, they are written in bad js, both
> jsjac and strophe, so my aim is to get rid from them but for now jslix
> needs them as a transport layer) so I decided to write the same thing
> I've already done for python and twilix: some simplified XML schema in
> declarative style which will be used to parse, build and validate XML. I
> have also dispatcher which can handle queries and catch exceptions and
> represent XMPP errors as language level exceptions. It most interesting
> in python because it has a generators support, so the work with XMPP
> became too easy just as work with synchronous protocols:
> query = SomeQuery()
> iq = Iq(to='somenode at someserver', type_='get')
> iq.link(query)
> try:
>    result = yield dispatcher.send(iq)
> except FeatureNotImplementedException:
>    alert('Client does not support this feature')
> else:
>    print result.some_result
> twilix has some problems which need some refactoring because but it's
> almost useful, I have several services written and working on that.

Keep me posted! On the Ruby side of things I'm working on https://github.com/theozaurus/jubjub which gives a neat API for generating the XML stanzas. I like the API, but it's blocking.
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