[jdev] Necessity of stringprep support for the client

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On 8/16/12 2:41 AM, Sergey Dobrov wrote:
> On 08/16/2012 03:33 PM, Kevin Smith wrote:
>> On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 9:23 AM, Sergey Dobrov
>> <binary at jrudevels.org> wrote:
>>> Can XMPP work in conformity with XMPP Core if it can't do
>>> stringprep? The question has arisen because of js that doesn't
>>> have a possibility to do stringprep transformations and it's
>>> hard to do in script because we will need to download huge
>>> tables to the client.
>> Without stringprep, various things aren't going to work - at its 
>> worst, you could be sending illegal data to the server and
>> getting disconnected.
> Yeah, that's the exact thing I wanted to hear, thanks.
>> More subtle and much harder to debug is that you may be comparing
>> JIDs using string comparisons that are the same JID in a
>> different representation.
> So we can continue our talk about how to solve the problem? Look,
> the js clients became to be used wider and wider and no one who
> write them don't care about the problem (I have posted a ticket to
> jappix, for example, but nothing), so we have to force the solution
> maybe, uh?
> What is our options then? Write a library that will fetch tables
> from some location that can be cached on client side and do fair
> transformation on client side. The problems are: it will be
> downloading long at the first time, it will be downloading long
> always on mobile devices.
> Or we can make a XEP to provide a possibility to make
> transformations on client side, so each server will be able to
> provide the possibility and we will get rid of the necessary
> dependence I said before.
> Other options?

First of all, stringprep is being replaced by the PRECIS framework:


I am pushing to get that done sooner rather than later.

For JavaScript, there is an ECMAScript Internationalization API in the





That should help quite a bit (although I still don't see much about
normalization there).


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